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Joe Mule - Race Director

David Northrup - Deputy Race Director

Rachel Haynie - Sponsorship Director

Danielle Snider - Media Director

Leslie Shields - Volunteer Coord./Office Coord.

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Race Day Tips


  1. Pace yourself!

    You don't want to go out too hard in the first mile, you will definitely pay for it later.
  2. If you are not going to finish in the top 20% don't line up in the front of the starting line.

    You will only slow other runners.
  3. Beware of traffic!

    Even though most roads are blocked and monitored, you are running on downtown streets. They don't watch out for you so you better keep an eye out for them.
  4. Hydration is important.

    Try to hydrate several days prior to the race. Even though it is November, it can be rather warm. Be aware of the conditions.
  5. If at all possible run the tangents.

    That means, run in a straight line from point to point. If you are coming up on a left turn, gradually move toward the turn before actually getting to the turn. It is the shortest distance and your time will reflect that.
  6. Run through the finish line and keep moving in the finish chute.

    The chute bottles up and it would help the volunteers if you move as quickly as possible. Remember they are volunteers (thank them for helping)!

Tips provided by: Mike Aiken and Irv Batten, Owners of On The Run, Inc. and Past Knights of Columbus Turkey Day Champions!

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